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By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 06th Sep 2017 in News.
New build small pool

Small pools are currently making a big impact on the pool market with consumers having less space in their back garden. A small pool is a perfect solution for those who want their outside space to reflect the same beautiful style as their house. Although small, your pool can still be highly functional offering you all the amazing benefits of swimming without needing the space for a large pool or it dominating your garden.  Fastlane small pool Some may feel that you cannot truly enjoy a small pool because there is not enough space to swim however outstanding products such as the Fastlane and other counter current units means that you can swim against a resistive jet and swim for as long as you like without the need to turn.     There are other incredible features that can transform a small pool into your own little relaxation station such as massage stations, water features, massage fountains, beautiful lights, and even sound systems. Just because you may not have the space for a large pool does not mean you should miss out on having the perfect pool for family, friends and social gatherings.    

       Small pools can be built to suit your style and budget using traditional concrete to create unique shapes that can be landscaped for a more natural oasis appearance. One piece pools offer a sleek modern appearance and can be a beautiful addition to any garden. The shape of your pool is highly dependent on the size and shape of your garden and how you plan to use your pool, for example, if you want a pool for parties and family events then a suitable space for decking or paving will be needed for chairs and loungers, however if your pool is purely for exercise you can lessen the space needed. One excellent product which can be used alongside a small pool in a small garden to maximise space is a Walu deck, which creates a solid cover of decking over your pool allowing you to use the space when you are not using your pool.

Small pool cover  

    Our Recent Project

We recently installed this stunning small concrete block pool with an elegant yet robust liner and safety cover, large enough for all the family to enjoy. A small pool also benefits from lower maintenance and running costs especially when using the latest heating technology available such as Inverter heat pumps.

New build small pool  

Blue Cube Pools expert designers and installers will ensure your ideas are brought to life without breaking the bank and we will always endeavour to find the most cost-effective solution whilst maintaining the highest standard of product.

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Beautiful small pool

small pool inspiration


Elegant small pool

Massage station in a small pool