Pool and Hot Tub Service, Maintenance and Repair

Blue Cube Pools approach to pool care is as you might expect, dedicated and reliable. We cover all aspects of maintenance and repair for domestic, commercial pools and hot tubs. Experts in pumps, filters, de-humidifiers, air handling units and heaters. Our engineers will fix your leak, broken heater, chemical issue and any other pool or hot tub problem efficiently and at a great price. We offer dedicated Pre-Planned Preventative packages to ensure your commercial facilities remain in great condition and you avoid any issues. Click here to call Book your engineer today.

“Great Service and would highly recommend” Mr Pearce, Google 

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I am pleased to be able to say with confidence that Blue Cube (Europe) Ltd. offer and provide a first class personal service. As the maintenance manager of an extremely busy resort, we are pleased to have Blue Cube  on hand to assist with advice and practical solutions in helping us maintain our service to the general public.

Gary Monks, Champneys Henlow Grange

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