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By Blue Cube on Friday, 20th Jul 2018 in News.
which pool cleaner

Choosing a pool cleaner can seem like quite a daunting choice considering the variety on the market and the different types and functions. Ultimately you want to make pool care easier and quicker, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool, so which pool cleaner should you get?


Originally automatic pool cleaners simply moved debris off the pool floor in order for it to be collected as it reached the skimmer, unfortunately not all tiny particles would be picked up and therefore it was very difficult to maintain clean and crystal-clear water. Since then there have seen amazing advancements in pool vacuum technology and we have three main options: Robotic, Pressure and Suction cleaners. Below we discuss these three types, how they work and why we like them, hopefully providing you with enough information so you can choose which pool cleaner is right for you.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleanerThese cleaners are the most popular on the market, they offer simple cleaning with minimal effort, they often run completely independently from the rest of your pool system which reduces pool costs and pressure issues. They work by being placed in your pool, the cleaner then moves around your pool cleaning algae, particles, and vacuuming. Depending on the model, they offer excellent program options that can map your pool ensuring it covers all areas, some even climb walls and clean all the way to the water line, which means you can leave it there to do its job whilst you carry on with your day.


Do not need to be connected to your pool system to operate

Energy efficient they use a small amount of energy to run

They are capable of cleaning nearly all types of debris.

Programs to map pool to ensure all areas are cleaned


Can be quite expensive

Pressure or Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure-side pool cleaner uses water coming from a return jet or its own connection on the pool. The water pressure moves the cleaners and causes a vacuum suction which collects debris Suction Cleanerwhich is then collecting in a bag. As the pressured water is expelled out the back via a sweep hose it jets the dirt and algae on the walls behind it (available on certain models).  One thing to mention is the pressure pool cleaners which require its own connection will incur further costs for additional pipework.


Pressure pool vacuums are clog-free.

Capable of handling larger debris

Pressure pool cleaners can run on a timer (with a booster pump).


Some require extra pipework, not great for retrofitting.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction Pool CleanerSuction pool vacuum cleaners rely on the suction side of the pool equipment to clean. It is connected to the pool skimmer or a separate suction line, as it works its way around the pool it sucks up debris and sends it back through the filtration system. Similar to the pressure cleaners it uses the pressure of the water to propel itself around the pools. Unlike a robotic cleaner, it does not map the pool and therefore the process can be lengthy as it moves around the pool. Some do offer wall cleaning.


Cost effective options

Uses an existing filtration system so no need for additional pipework

Do operate in a pattern formation so the whole pool will be cleaned


Uses filtration system so you will have to clean your filter more regularly

May struggle with larger debris and cause clogging in the filtration system.

Manual Pool Cleaners

Sometimes cleaning may require vigorous scrubbing and a hands-on approach such as instances of algae build up and a heavy storm, in these instances a manual pool vacuum may be required.

Manual pool vacuums usually consist of a vacuum head, a vacuum hose, and a telescoping pole. The hose is connected to the vacuum head at one end and the water intake nozzle on your pool skimmer at the other. With the vacuum head submerged and against the pool surface, once the hose fills with water, it creates suction that will hold the vacuum head tight against the pool floor or walls.


Great for removing heavy stains and algaeManual pool cleaner

Perfect for spot cleaning

Cost very little in comparison to automatic cleaners.


It requires time and effort to operate.

Which pool cleaner do you think would be best for your needs? If you have any questions you can contact us or your nearest pool company who will be happy to help you decide.

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