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Indoor swimming pool renovation Leighton Buzzard
Pool renovation Bedfordshire

Before picture of a tired and dated pool

Your pool is your oasis, a place you go to escape the outside world, a place to exercise, feel good about yourself and a great place to spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, your oasis might be looking a little tired, outdated and it is not as energy efficient as it could be.

Have you been thinking about making some improvements? Maybe you would like to transform your pool back to its glory days? A place you can truly love and enjoy.

Each part of pool can be renovated or refurbished from lighting, liners, covers to heating. A new dosing system could reduce your chemical costs, a UV system could help reduce your need for chemicals. There are so many possibilities and we want to help you decide on the best ones.

Does your liner have a few tears? Has it been patched a few too many times? Did you know that with our outstanding extreme onsite lining we can fit a new liner quickly and efficiently? The liners we use are thick, strong and durable and offer added insulation, therefore, helping to keep your pool warm.

Have you got some missing tiles? Are your tiles looking tired and dated? Are you looking for a way to completely transform the look of your pool to suit your more modern and vibrant house? We will source beautiful and elegant tiles, perfect for that show home feel, whether you want a modern sleek look or a classic and timeless feel our team will find the perfect tiles for your vision.

Indoor swimming pool renovation Leighton Buzzard

Indoor swimming pool renovation Leighton Buzzard

Who doesn’t want to save money, we can all think of better ways of spending our money but as they say, it takes money to make money, although a pool renovation is an investment you will reap the rewards moving forward. Using the latest advancements in heating, lighting, dosing systems and heat retaining covers we can create a more energy efficient pool which will help lower your monthly bills. Do you have a heat pump or gas system? Our award-winning engineers can discuss all your options to help you decide on the best renovation solution. With C.O.P’s of up to 16, it would be wise to talk to us.

Small pool? No problem there have been amazing strides in the world of counter current systems and swim jets which will allow you to swim for hours without needing to turn, there is no need to have a large pool with added costs of heating and water bills when you can retrofit an amazing swim system.

Have you seen our amazing disappearing leading-edge safety covers? No more unsightly straps or massive rollers on the walls, not only will they keep your loved ones safe but they are also thermally efficient and will help reduce evaporation and chemical loss.

Blue Cube Pools recently won an award for energy efficiency pool design at the Pool and Spa awards. Let us transform your pool and make your oasis a special place you can love again. Renovations and pool refurbishments can be as elaborate or as simple as you like but will make a huge difference to your enjoyment and your monthly costs. Call us today to find out how we can transform your pool.

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