Swimming Pool Care Guide

By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 24th Jan 2018 in Troubleshooting - Pools.
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Pool care and pool water chemicals may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, this handy guide will help you to keep your pool water crystal clear, reduce algae growth and protect your pool during the summer and winter.

Our pool company follows the BOAST SYSTEM which has been developed by pool experts to ensure your pool is kept in perfect condition. For advice on any of the following information, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

BOAST stands for:

Balancing your water chemicals to provide perfect bather conditions and improve chemical efficiency.

Oxidising to create the optimum sanitiser level

Algae prevention to stop algae growth and help with removal.

Sanitise to kill bacteria.

Testing to make sure chemical levels are optimised.

Balancing Chemicals:

Calcium Hardness raiser, if your water has a low calcium level it can cause corrosive water, etching of pool surfaces, stain the pool sides and create foamy pool water.

Stain and Scale Inhibitor is advisable if you have high calcium levels as this can cause scale formation, filter calcification, cloudy water and can reduce the effectiveness of your sanitiser.

Total Alkalinity refers to the alkalinity levels in your pool, if these are too high they can cause scaling on pool surfaces, pipes and equipment, once it is high it is difficult to reduce if you need help with this please contact one of our advisers.

Low levels mean the water is becoming acidic which can damage pool surfaces and bathers skin, to increase TA we recommend TA Raiser.

pH levels are the measure of how acidic or alkaline, it is recommended that a pool be kept between 7.2 and 7.6 to ensure bather comfort and protection of pool and equipment.

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Oxidising or shock treatments help to eradicate waste compounds that help feed bacteria and algae, it is recommended that you shock your pool after increased use, heavy rainfall and after leaving your pool for long periods of time. You will find that adding just adding your usual disinfectant will not get rid of these waste products which is why it is important to shock your pool.

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Algae Prevention:

It is a key part of keeping your pool looking beautiful and clean, algae can start to grow quickly given the right environment and at first is invisible, we supply a great range of algaecides to keep it at bay.

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For advice on the best product, you can contact us online or by phone.

Santise your pool water

Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical sanitiser, it is used to kill bacteria and keep your water healthy for bathers. Bromine and active oxygen and also great alternatives. Active oxygen is often used by those who experience a reaction to chlorine.

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Testing your pool water:

We offer a great range of testing strips and machines perfect for keeping your pool chemicals balanced.

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If you would like us to come and manage your pool we have a great range of pool servicing packages from one off’s to regular maintenance. Click here for our maintenance options.

Click the link below for a handy downloadable pool care guide which will help you stay on top of your pools needs and keep your water and pool wonderfully clean.

Pool Care Guide Download