Amongst our day to day services we also encompass some highly specialist water services. No other company offers the range of  water services offered by Blue Cube Pools.

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Well Investigations Blue Cube pools are a highly experienced fault-finding pool company with a vast array of specialist repair and remedy services that have proven highly effective for our clients. Not only do we get to the source quickly but we can solve the issue just as promptly. Often our repair service is far less intrusive than expected. We are highly equipped for our specialist services with equipment such as Geophones and underwater drills to investigate all areas of water including wells and marine environments. Blue Cube Pools’ highly skilled engineers are able to give you a breadth of solutions for your needs from irrigation issues, underwater tiling to complicated leak detection.
Investigate Fish Pond Leak As experts in our field for water management and filtration our technical services team will assist you with the installation and operation of swimming pools, spas, water features, interactive, play equipment, special needs, Hydrotherapy, and much more. If you have a leak in your pond we can help you find and fix it, our engineers have worked within the marine industry fixing and maintaining tanks. We work closely with our clients to provide skilled and dedicated advice, understanding individual needs day today. Whether we offer a unique solution to your needs or an environmentally sustainable process. Blue Cube pools are dedicated to you.

Blue Cube Pools Specialist Water Services

  • Leak detection (Pressure induction, Hydro induction)
  • Leak trac leak location (Vinyl & Fibreglass)
  • Leakalizer Volume verification and confirmation.
  • Pipe Line locating.
  • Pipe sealing (In situ)
  • Leak dye testing
  • Helium gas detection.
  • Water Hammer line flushing & Object Removal.

  • Listening devices for water & Air loss
  • Geophone & Hydrophone use
  • Underwater drilling
  • Underwater tiling
  • Underwater grouting
  • Tank inspections
  • Crack & Void repairs
  • Dive services (Fresh & Marine)



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