Blue Cube Pools believe there are many wonderful additional pool features which can transform your pool visually and functionally. We can offer you expert advise on all of these great features such as water features and dosing systems. A new feature can transform the functionality of your pool and dramatically improve an older looking pool which needs a little renovation.

Water Features and Dosing systems

Fastlane swimming system installer Fastlane, counter current units and swim jets are the ideal addition to any pool, whether you building a new pool or wish to retrofit a unit, these amazing pool features will add a new level of exercise to your pool. They are simple to use and install, allowing you the freedom to swim for long periods of time without needing to turn around. They offer different settings for swimming levels and we offer a great variety of options to suit all budgets. The Fastlane is viewed as the serious swimmers counter current unit with 53 different settings. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR COUNTER CURRENT UNITS  
Bayrol Pool Dosing system supplier Bedfordshire Dosing systems are designed to take away the stress of dosing your pool, they offer a simple solution and ensure your chemical levels are kept at their optimum. Blue Cube Pools strongly recommend the Bayrol system which offers impeccable water quality and clarity. It works by continuously testing the water and adjusting the chemical doses accordingly. Can be used with chlorine, bromine and active oxygen.  Simple and easy to use, it is fully automated, comes with a remote control and is aesthetically pleasing. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR DOSING SYSTEMS
Pool dosing system installation company northamptonshire Adding a water feature to your pool will transform how it looks, it can also add function such as a massage area. Blue Cube Pools have a great range to suit your style including ornamental water features and water falls. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR WATER FEATURES
Relaxing indoor swimming pool Massage jets are a great feature to add your pool, you can transform your pool and create a spa area where you can relax and unwind with friends and family, it also works well as a cool down after your swim. Call us to find out more. CLICK HERE TO call us today

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    “It has brought fun for the kids and relaxation for us oldies – PERFECT.” – Customer from Bedfordshire

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