Purchasing a property with a swimming pool or hot tub? Need a swimming pool survey?  Your mortgage company may insist on one. Ours are comprehensive for peace of mind. Blue Cube Pools have over 15 years experience and will complete a thorough survey to ensure you are purchasing a pool or hot tub for the right price.

If you are buying a house which has a pool or spa, make sure you get it surveyed by a qualified pool engineer. More and more mortgage and insurance companies are requesting a Pool Survey to be included in the home buyers report. It is also a good idea to look over the swimming pool or ht tub yourself and this can give you some idea of its condition. However a trained eye may show you problems which you may not pick up on.

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Pool Survey company for home buyers guide  
At the time of a house purchase you may consider the additional cost of a survey report in the house buying process unnecessary, none of us want to spend out any more on a house purchase than we have to, but are you willing to take the risk that the pool is in reasonable sound condition? Pools can be very costly to repair if they are leaking or the equipment is old and faulty and you may have to pay out thousands of pounds later on for major repairs or faults you did not know about when you bought the property. If the pool is within a small distance of the property the mortgage company may insist on a leak detection report to ensure that any water leaks are not infringing on the structure of the property.

This survey is a snapshot of the swimming pool on the day and time of inspection.




This involves a visual inspection which is a professional assessment of the swimming pool’s condition. The visual inspection includes a basic 1 page written report, by our experienced and qualified engineer, describing the pool and plantroom equipment condition. It is not a “leak” inspection as you have to rely on the honesty of the property seller to inform the property buyer if they are aware of any loss of water from the swimming pool. The basic survey covers indoor and outdoor pools and advises whether any further in-depth inspections are required, such as pressure testing and pool chamber inspection. The survey will also suggest ways of saving energy when operating the pool.


This is a complete professional assessment of the swimming pool and spa condition with the addition of:

  • Pressure testing
  • Equipment testing
  • Structural (pool chamber inspection)
  • Leak detection: Using Blue Cube Pools specialist leak detection equipment even the tiniest leak can be detected and the source identified.
  • 1 page report detailing the findings and any recommended works to repair faults discovered.

If diving is required for example a certain underwater element has been highlighted with an issue this will incur an additional fee. Blue Cube Pools engineers are approved by:

  • SPATA approved installers
  • ISPE certified
  • ISRM operatives
  • CIMSPA operatives
  • BISHTA approved

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  Once you have bought the property we can carry out any maintenance and repair works required as well as treating the water and providing training so that you know how to look after your pool and spa and enjoy crystal clear sparkling water. If the pool is in a very poor state then Blue Cube Pools can provide a full pool renovation.

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