Blue Cube Pools can fix and replace both residential and commercial pool liners using rapid onsite lining for an outstanding pool liner renovation.

Pool Liner Replacement company Bedfordshire Liner pool renovation is part of owning a liner pool, the life expectancy of the pre-formed PVC liner pools can usually be anywhere from 10 years and upwards. The life expectancy of the pool liner can be maximised by careful control of the level of chemicals in the pool and by keeping the water temperature below 29oC (85o F). Blue Cube Pools are here to help with any pool liner problems that arise and can advise you on extending its longevity. However due to the composition of a pool liner over time the liner suffer from minor issues such as wrinkling, minor tears, punctures or cracking and general loss of elasticity. Punctures, cracks and small tears can often be repaired temporarily using special adhesive patches or permanently by welding.
Loose damaged pool liner Blue Cube Pools have been doing extreme onsite lining for many years and replace your liner quickly and efficiently. We can repair your liner depending on the level of wear and tear. We will come and assess the situation and establish how bad the leak or wear is, we can then advise you as to the next step. If a full replacement is required you can trust our expert engineers who have replaced and fitted many new liners. It is always important to consider the age of your pool liner, for example if it is around 3 years old a patch should help extend its life by up to 5 years but this is dependent on the liner and how often the pool is used. Unfortunately sometimes a patch may only last up to 6 months and a full replacement may be beneficial.
Liner Pool Renovation company Bedfordshire

Complete liner replacement using extreme onsite lining. For a fast yet beautiful hard wearing finish.

We offer a wide range of patterns and colours, including full patterned liners, plain with tileband and plain liners.If you would like further information on our liners please click here to go to our shop.

Pool Liner OPTIONSBlue Cube Pools use only the highest quality products and our liners are strong, incredibly durable, UV resistant to avoid fading, super chlorine resistant and come in a massive range of colours and textures, we guarantee you will find one to suit your style.

If your liner is looking worn and tired or you suspect you have a leak call our expert liner engineers today.


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