With an Infinity Edge and Moving floors your pool will have an added element of luxury.

Blue Cube Pools will create the perfect Infinity Edge Pool for your home, using the highest quality materials. We will work with you to create your ultimate oasis, a place where you can relax, swim and enjoy your beautiful views without the edge of your pool being a visual disruption.

Moving floors are a great addition to a pool especially for those with small children or people in need of added security or for luxury apartments who require the flexibility of added space. These are the perfect addition to any commercial pool or luxury pool where pool size flexibility is a must.

Infinity Edge and Moving Floor installer Bedfordshire Infinity Edge Pools are a great way to enjoy your wonderful view whilst you enjoy a swim or entertain. It will allow you to make the most of your beautiful property whilst adding a fantastic feature to your garden. Infinity Edge Pools are custom made to your design and measurements, they work by simply lowering one edge of you pool, this allows the water to cascade beautifully over the edge which then collects in a separate reservoir where the water is then pumped back into your pool.
Infinity Pool installation company Bedfordshire The reservoir is usually hidden or it can be an additional feature to your landscape. Blue Cube Pools offer an excellent range of finishes from outstanding mosaics to beautiful and simple liners, we will create the perfect pool for you needs. Additional features such as swimjets, massage jets and water features can also be added so you can transform your pool into an excellent place to exercise, relax and entertain. For further information please contact one of our expert advisers.
Commercial pool moving floor installation company Moving floors are used in a multitude of pools for numerous reasons, commercial pools enjoy the benefit of flexible depth, allowing them to create a space for small children or beginners to learn in a safe and comfortable surrounding. They are fully flexible with regards to height and are simply controlled and can allow very young children to paddle and allow competent swimmers to enjoy the full depth of the pool. Also used to completely hide a pool when not in use.
Domestic pool with special features Moving Floors are perfect for luxury apartments who wish to maximise their space. Your luxury pool simply appears or disappears at the push of a button. The floor is moved by a hydraulic system, the water simply drains through the floor and is gathered beneath as the moving floor rises. Once finished you will have a beautiful solid floor which can be used as additional space in your apartment.

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    “It has brought fun for the kids and relaxation for us oldies – PERFECT.” – Customer from Bedfordshire

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