One Piece Swimming Pools

One piece pools are quickly becoming the most popular pool type through their ability to provide an almost unrivalled elegant and refined form.

Spata Gold Award Winning Pool CompanyGiving you a pool that is unique, live the lifestyle you want.

One Piece Pool with coping stones Sleek lines and a modern appearance that can transform any garden or home into a captivating area to entertain and relax. They offer unsurpassed high-end designs for both indoor and outdoor pools with maximum functionality. One-piece pools are faster to install, offering less disruption and quick use.  
One piece pool installer Bedfordshire Blue Cube pools offer a wide range of one-piece pools with a vast array of options to suit every individual’s requirements. We can create a pool around your concepts and designs with elegant seating options, luxury massage jets, and high-end fitness equipment so you can have your perfect pool for your needs.
One piece pool with water feature Bedford
One piece pool infinity edge

One-piece pools can be tailored to your needs and will be fitted swiftly so as to minimise any disruption to your life and allow you to enjoy your pool as soon as possible.  One piece pools offer a vast selection of finishes including tiled, lined, skimmers, coping stones and beautiful infinity edges and endless pools. These pools are elegant and simple, creating a wonderful focal point in your garden. One amazing feature of a one piece pool is the exceptional quality of manufacturing, they come complete from the factory, therefore, offering outstanding factory finish. Our one piece pool installation will be quick and cost-effective.

With unbeatable options, these pools will give you the look you want to complete your beautiful home and lifestyle.

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Quality of the highest standard

The quality is of the highest standard due to the rigorous factory testing. The one piece form allows for a much higher quality finish and the tiling and lining options are so large that a shell can be transformed into a sleek contemporary pool or made to look more like a traditional classic style pool depending on your taste. Our products are manufactured by great companies such as Riviera, Niveko, Castillo, and Knightsbridge. Our engineers have been building and maintaining pools for many years and have extensive experience in building one piece pools. We can guide you through the process step by step and will listen to all your design ideas so that we can help create your perfect pool. Blue Cube are always at the forefront of new technology and are continuously introducing new products to our catalogue. The beauty of a one piece pool is that many of these amazing features such as swim jets can easily be built in at the manufacturing stage and therefore give you a seamless finish.

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