Hot Tub Showroom Bedfordshire | Blue Cube Pools

Hot Tub Showroom

It is finally here!! Our Hot Tub Showroom. We have recently opened a new Hot Tub showroom where we have a great selection of value hot tubs as well as Canadian and American brands. Offering […]

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Gardi wooden pool | Blue Cube Pools

Garden Swimming Pool Options

Garden Swimming Pool Options People invest in a garden swimming pool for many different reasons, below we discuss different types of garden pools and why people choose them. Important questions to ask yourself? What is […]

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Saltwater pool | Blue Cube Pools

How do saltwater pools work?

Why choose a saltwater pool? How do they work? It is commonly believed that saltwater pools simply use salt as a sanitiser and that it will be a similar experience to swimming in the sea. […]

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7 Hot Tub Landscaping ideas | Blue Cube Pools

7 Hot Tub Landscaping ideas

As hot tubs begin to dominate the garden accessory market in the U.K we began questioning how people incorporate their hot tub into their garden? Does it become a key focal point or is it […]

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Pool renovation company in Bedfordshire | Blue Cube Pools

6 Reasons to Renovate a pool

Are you happy with your pool? Is it still your dream space to exercise and relax? If you answered no to either of these questions, then it is time to renovate or remodel your pool. […]

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Indoor swimming pool renovation Leighton Buzzard | Blue Cube Pools

Ways to improve my pool

Your pool is your oasis, a place you go to escape the outside world, a place to exercise, feel good about yourself and a great place to spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, your oasis […]

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which pool cleaner | Blue Cube Pools

Which Pool Cleaner

Choosing a pool cleaner can seem like quite a daunting choice considering the variety on the market and the different types and functions. Ultimately you want to make pool care easier and quicker, so you […]

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Pool party ideas | Blue Cube Pools

It’s Pool Party Time!!

Its pool party time lets get your pool ready, so you can splash back and enjoy. Here are some great pool party ideas and tips to help you prep for the best pool party ever.   […]

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How much does it cost to hire a hot tub? | Blue Cube Pools

How much does it cost to hire a hot tub?

Thinking of hiring a hot tub? Want to know how much it costs? You’ve looked around and seen the varying prices and types of hot tubs. Now you may be thinking why they vary and […]

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Easy pool maintenance tips | Blue Cube Pools

Easy pool maintenance tips

Love your pool but want to spend less time looking after it? Here are some easy pool maintenance tips for quick and effortless ways to keep it safe and clean. Our head engineer who has […]

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