It’s Pool Party Time!!

By Blue Cube on Thursday, 05th Jul 2018 in News.
Pool party ideas

Its pool party time lets get your pool ready, so you can splash back and enjoy.

Here are some great pool party ideas and tips to help you prep for the best pool party ever.





Pool parties are not as big in the U.K as they are in other parts of the world but if we keep having summers like this, I’m sure they will become just as commonplace. Why don’t you start the trend and make pool parties a regular part of your summer, friends, and family will love coming to yours and we are here to help take the stress out of maintenance and other aspects of pool party planning with our handy pool party tips.

Above ground pools

Let’s start with the basics, a ‘clean pool’, no one wants to swim or play in a dirty pool, give your pool a good brush and vacuum and test your pool water, make sure all your chemical levels are optimum and ensure you have some chemicals on stand by for afterward. Increased bathers and pollutants such as sun cream can require the occasional chlorine shock and sometimes a floc. For more information on chemical levels please refer to our other post here.

Check your system is working (pumps, filters, and heating) well and other features such as lighting and fountains are in a good state, night time pool fun can be magical, and your family and friends will love lounging and swimming in a lovely warm pool whilst looking at the stars. Patio lights and heaters will help your nighttime party thrive, guests can snuggle by a heater or a fire pit after enjoying a swim and I am sure the grownups will love a place to keep an eye on any younger guests.

Summer Pool Service

Clean your patio and furniture and invest in some awesome pool floats, not everyone who comes to a pool party actually wants to swim, I’m a big fan of lounging around and catching some rays whilst dangling my feet over a float.  Although kids love to just splash around, there are also some great inflatable games on the market including volleyball and basketball , all these will add to the fun and create the perfect pool party.


Balloons, paper lanterns, inflatables, and candles are all great ways to decorate your pool and poolside, I’m sure your garden is beautifully landscaped and is full out beautiful flowers, so you may decide that you don’t want to spend lots on decorating however if you are after a few ideas Pinterest has a huge amount of pool party ideas, including food, decoration, games and more. Click here to view some of our favourite pins.

Pool party decoration

Now the food, to me this is one of the most important aspects, there is nothing more disappointing than attending a party and the food runs out or it’s just not exciting enough. You may choose to do a BBQ and if so the link above has some great ideas. Pool parties or any summer party can become quite expensive especially if you are providing food and drink, depending on who is coming you could ask people to BYO drinks and one plate of food, however, this can sometimes lead to a platter of crisps and potato salad. Lovely baguettes, cocktail sausages, fresh salads, and wonderful fruit platters can be made to look pretty and appetising but without breaking the bank, when displayed in the right way any food can be made to look awesome. I’m a big fan of mini options such as mini burgers, mini hot dogs and mini pizzas, they look chic and cute.

Pool party food

I’m afraid we can’t come and cook for you or help with the prep or tidying but if you have any queries about your pool or you think it could do with a service beforehand give us a call.

Have a great pool party and send us some pics.