How to make use of your Hot Tub in Winter

By Blue Cube on Thursday, 04th Jan 2018 in Health and Wellbeing.
Hot Tub in the snow

Hello all, I’m here to talk about Hot Tubs and how you can enjoy your hot tub all year round. You have this wonderful feature in your garden yet for so many, it remains unused and unloved throughout most of the winter months, why? For some they feel its too cold and they won’t want to get out of their lovely warm tub and face a nice cool breeze, nevertheless the Scandinavians believe dramatic temperature changes are incredibility good for your health which is why they go from their saunas to a frozen lake, doing this increases circulation and is incredibly invigorating. Now, I am not suggesting you jump out of your hot tub and jump into a pond, but that temperature change may not be so bad after all.


However, if this doesn’t appeal, why not be prepared for this temperature change; have some nice fluffy warm robes close by so you can slip into  them as you get out, you’ll be surprised how warm you will still feel as your hot tub will have warmed you right through to your core, meaning you will stay nice and warm during your short walk back to your house. Another idea could be to invest in some garden heaters to heat the surrounding area and or your path back. After a long hard day nothing is more appealing that a steaming hot tub , a lovely glass of wine and the beautiful silence, as its winter you will not be disturbed by neighbours and you can truly relax and unwind. Adding some outside lights and some aromatic scents to your water will help create the perfect ambience, it can still be used as a wonderful place to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends even if its chilly.

Sunken hot Tub with decking
During the winter months many people experience greater aches and pains due to the changes in temperature and rain, what better way to help these than by spending time in your hot tub, for some this was the main reason for buying a hot tub. (for more information on the benefits of a hot tub please click here). A nice soak will ease your stiffness, aches and pains. Another downside to winter are the constant colds and sinus problems, your hot tub will be steaming and adding a few drops of aroma will help clear your sinuses and help you feel better.

If you don’t want to sit outside, have you considered a gazebo or enclosure, these are a great way to keep you out of the elements and create your very own oasis in your garden, Blue Cube Pools offer a wide range of gazebos and enclosures, call us today to find out more.
Whether you choose to use your hot tub during the winter or not it is important to keep it well maintained, frozen pipes are a big concern, so we suggest auto heat control, check your spa to see if it has a freeze protection system. Keep your insulated cover on to protect it from debris and use a thermal blanket to aid in keeping your hot tub warm if you are going to use it. Check water levels and keep your tub clean, turn off air jets when not in use so that cool air is not being pumped in and will cost you more to keep it warm. Keeping a hot tub warm is cheaper than heating a hot tub up, a well-insulated tub with an excellent cover will stay wonderfully warm and you can then use it whenever you want rather than having to plan your use and get it recommissioned.