How to look after your Spa or Hot Tub

By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 21st Mar 2018 in Troubleshooting - Hot Tubs, Water Quality.

There are 7 steps of how to look after your Spa or Hot Tub. If you follow these steps your Hot Tub or Spa will be kept in a beautiful condition and will increase its longevity. 





The Steps Include: 

  • Circulation and FiltrationSunken hot Tub with decking
  • Testing
  • Water Balance
  • Sanitising
  • Oxidising
  • Cleaning
  • Draining and Refilling


Circulation and Filtration

Firstly running your pump which causes the water to circulate will help to remove any debris as it passes through the filter. If your tub is decommissioned, you will not have to do this. Upon commissioning your hot tub pump should be run at least 3 hours twice per day, you can set the timer to operate during off-peak hours. If you are not going to be using the hot tub and it has a good cover then you can reduce the temperature in order to reduce costs. Some hot tubs have a pump which often runs all the time. Your manufacturer’s spa guide will tell you how long and how often you should run your pumps.

Your cartridge filter will be easily accessible, it contains an element which will collect particles, oils, and greases, it is recommended that you clean your filter every 4-6 weeks using a cartridge cleaner such as AquaSPArkle Cartridge Cleaner.

Testing you Water

Testing your hot tub or spa water will ensure your water stays sanitised and safe but also to make sure the levels of the chemicals are at the appropriate level so as not to affect the spa materials.

There are a few ways to test your pool water, including 4-way test strips and pool testers which are test kits that use a reagent tablet to read the chlorine/ bromine or ph levels.

Water Balance

Once you have tested your water you will know what chemicals you need. Water balance is essential in order to maintain bather comfort, protect your equipment and to reduce the time needed to look after the spa.

Calcium Hardness: is the measure of how hard or soft the water is which varies depending on the levels of minerals particularly calcium. If the calcium levels are lower than 100mg/l then we suggest using a calcium raiser such as AquaSPArkle Spa Hardness Plus. However, if you have high levels of calcium this can lead to scale build up within your pipes and on the spa surface which can lead to problems, therefore we recommend using AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway.

Total Alkalinity: is the measurement of the spa waters ability to resist changes in ph levels. If the total alkalinity levels are low then your ph levels may fluctuate which will make it difficult to keep the ideal level, we recommend TA Plus. If the level is high then the ph levels will be difficult to manage and change and may lead to a constant increase in the ph level for this we recommend seeking professional help.


The two most common forms of sanitiser are Chlorine and Bromine, a sanitise is used to kill bacteria and keep your spa water safe for harmful pathogens. Chlorine and Bromine come is tablet and granule form. Many people prefer granules for ease of application and dose rate flexibility, however, tablets when used correctly provide constant dosing levels.

Chlorine Granules, Chlorine Tablets, Bromine Granules, Bromine Tablets

Oxidise you water

In order to keep your water in perfect condition, it is recommended that you use a shock or oxidiser such as Spa Fusion in your hot tub on a weekly basis, this will destroy any build up for bather waste such as cosmetics, perspiration, and bacteria that will feed algae. We suggest doing this at night as you must leave the hot tub for 8 hours before entering. Please follow the supplier instructions.


A weekly clean along the water line to remove any debris that may be stuck such as suntan lotions or cosmetics is suggested to keep your spa looking nice and clean. Regular cleaning varies depending on your lifestyle but quarterly is our usual service increments. AquaSPArkle surface cleaner is a great product to use offering a gentle but deep clean, leaving your tub like new.


As mentioned above a deep clean including a drain down and a refill is usually done every quarter. This is a great time to use a Hot Tub Flush to clean pipes and remove any build up. Sometimes your water can become stale as it absorbs soluble materials and will need a drain and refill more often but this will only happen if it is used more than usual.

If you leave your hot tub empty for a long period of time we recommend a high level of sanitiser to make sure all pipes, surfaces, and jet are sterilised and clean.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here for our downloadable spa care guide