How much does it cost to hire a hot tub?

By Blue Cube on Thursday, 07th Jun 2018 in News.
How much does it cost to hire a hot tub? | Blue Cube Pools

Thinking of hiring a hot tub? Want to know how much it costs? You’ve looked around and seen the varying prices and types of hot tubs. Now you may be thinking why they vary and which is the best one?

Types of Hire Hot Tubs

Firstly, there are several types of hot tubs that are generally used for hire, predominantly they are inflatable, now as you can imagine inflatable tubs are much cheaper to buy and are therefore cheaper to hire out. Now if you’re having a party and simply want to sit in an outside bath with a few air bubbles then an inflatable tub is the way to go. They often come in very large sizes, so you can accommodate lots of your friends. However, they only produce air bubbles that will not offer a hydrotherapy massage or any real health benefits.

Although solid tubs are more expensive they offer many other benefits such as real hydrotherapy, exceptional comfort from moulded seats, beautiful light features and excellent energy efficiency due to their insulation material and manufacturing process. Although solid, there are many hot tubs that are specifically designed to be easily manoeuvred and can go through standard size doors, so if you are worried about access there are solutions. The fantasy spa drift is a prime example of a solid hot tub that is easy to set up, warm up and move.

So, when choosing a hot tub to hire it is best to ask yourself why you want it? For more information on the health benefits of hot tubs please look at our previous article here.

How much does it cost to hire a hot tub?

Average Price of a week hire peak season:

Inflatable: £175 for a 4-seater.

Solid: £300 for a 4-seater.

Now it is obvious that an inflatable is cheaper but as we have discussed this is because it does not offer the benefits of a solid hot tub and is purely designed for lounging in rather than truly relaxing and unwinding.

Round vs square:

Solid hot tubs are either round or square, round tubs offer bench seating which allows you to squeeze people in which may be a good option if you want it for a party. Square tubs often include one side of bench seating and then 2-3 dedicated seating areas with specifically placed acupressure jets, these will target key areas and offer an unbeatable variable massage experience, perfect for a family. Mum and Dad can enjoy a real massage, relax and unwind whilst the children splash around on the bench seat.

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