How much does it cost to build a pool?

By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 07th Mar 2018 in News.
How much does it cost to build a pool?

How much does it cost to build a pool?

From DIY wooden pools to bespoke tiled pools, your pool can be as effortless or as unique as you wish. With features such as moving floors, infinity edges, massage jets, and counter-currents you can create a pool to perfectly suit your lifestyle and needs.

Inflatable or steel frame above ground swimming pools  £10 – £1000 

Firstly let’s take a look at the very temporary cheap above ground pools. These are usually inflatable or made of a steel frame covered in PVC and vary in size dramatically depending on your needs. They usually come with a small filter system and are great to use during the summer holidays. Above ground, pools are often extremely expensive to heat, and you run the risk of tears and may, therefore, need to replace every two years if they are not well maintained.

Wooden above ground pools £2500 – £10,000  

How much does it cost to build a wooden pool?

These are a fantastic way to add a pool to your garden and great if you’re a fan of DIY. They are a simple construction of slatted wood and a liner, far sturdier than a PVC steel frame. These wooden pools can be heated efficiently and with the right heater and cover can be used from April to November given the right conditions. Alternatively, the use of a glass enclosure can create an all year round pool, perfect for those who love swimming for exercise. With the addition of a counter-current unit or swim jet, you can transform a wooden pool into an amazing exercise pool. As with any pool, they will need maintenance such as chemical water treatments and regular servicing. Many people find that they can do the servicing themselves and only use a professional company to open and close the pool.  DIY timber pools can be partially submerged if desired, but the height is an added safety measure if there are young children around. Blue Cube Pools have a range of great packages to suit every budget.

Wooden below ground pools Gardi Pools £6,500Fully submerged wooden pool

These are very similar to the above ground pool but you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing finish. They are made of wood with stainless steel supports to give added strength. They can create a similar look to one-piece pools as they too have sleek lines and their ability to be fully submerged creates a perfect looking pool, especially when surrounded by decking. However, if fully submerged counter current units become trickier to fit. These are also DIY timber pools but they require a concrete base for the metal support system.

Swimspa  £11,000 -£20,000

Swimspas combine the best of a hot tub and exercise pool, offering unbeatable swimming experience in a small space, high powered resistant jets allow you to swim for hours without needing to turn whilst offering amazing massage treatments with their outstanding jets. They require similar maintenance to a hot tub including occasional drain downs but are relatively easy to manage on your own. Not only are they incredibly functional and can be used by all the family to swim and relax but they look amazing with great light and waterfall features. It will add value to your property and create a wonderful focal point for parties and family occasions. Because the swimspas are heated they can be used all year round.

Catalina swimspa

One Piece Pools £20,000 +

These pools have been designed to be elegant and sophisticated with simple defined lines, they are quick to install so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your new pool. Prefabricated pools are becoming very popular due to the manufacturing process, they are made off-site in a factory which ensures a quality build from start to finish.  Increased insulation due to the materials used means your pool will need less heating and will, therefore, be more economical. Thanks to the construction process optional extras such as counter-current units, swimjets and massage stations can be added with ease to create a bespoke pool. Add one of these pools to your garden or home to transform your lifestyle, a place to exercise and relax.

One piece pool with water feature

Panel Pool with Liner  £25,000+

There is a multitude of different panel systems on the market today which means there will be one perfect for your needs. They are usually reasonably easy to install but take longer than one piece pools due to the onsite building. We offer DIY panel pools that can be lined or tiled and are incredibly insulated. With our flexible panel option, you can create a very bespoke shape, your imagination is the only limitation. However, with bespoke shaped pools, covers can become an issue so we advise factoring in the cost of a large cover which may impact the aesthetics of your pool. Circular pools can use a round Roldeck safety cover which will fit seamlessly.

Block and Liner Pools £35,000+

Award Winning Small Contemporary New Build Pool

This type of pool build is extremely common and is probably the style of pool you are used to seeing. They are reasonably easy to build however we would recommend using a professional to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely. As the name suggests these are constructed using concrete blocks which are then covered in a liner.  These can be a great pool and will offer years of stress-free fun. It can be used to create bespoke sized pools which a multitude of liner patterns and colours you will be able to create a wonderful looking pool. The pool image to the right is a block and liner pool which won a Gold Award. It is simple yet visually striking. You can transform a block and liner pool using beautiful coping options, fountains and other water features. With any liner, extra care must be taken not to cut or puncture so that leaks do not occur using a strong thick liner will help to prevent these problems.  Liners can be mended but if the puncture is small it may be difficult to locate. Liners usually last around 10 years and can be replaced using extreme onsite lining.