Whether you need help relocating your portable Hot Tub, upgrading or reconditioning your portable hot tub, Blue Cube Pools can help.

Portable Hot Tubs

When you think of portable hot tubs, it does not have to be confined to inflatable spas. The word portable gives the idea that such a hot tub or spa can be put up and taken down at will in a matter of minutes, whether you would actually want to take it up and down is something else. The modern lightweight hard shell hot tubs are also very portable, although do take up a little bit more storage space, should you ever want to put them in storage.

Relocating Your Hot Tub

Most large hot tubs are portable, it just takes a few more specialist engineers to successfully relocate the hot tub for you. Relocation of your hot tub can give a new lease of life to your garden, yet you need to be careful not to cause damage during the relocation process. Blue Cube Hot Tub Relocation are highly skilled and experienced and can make your hot tub relocation as stress free as possible. Reducing your hot tub down time and ensuring you can relax again in your hot tub without delay. Contact us to arrange your hot tub or spa relocation. Call us today for a quote.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

The big advantage of the inflatable portable hot tub is that it can be laid out, inflated and connected to its pump in less than 10 minutes but it will take an hour or so to fill with a few hundred gallons of water. It will then take up to a day to heat up to temperature. The whole unit can be emptied of water in a very sort time, the pump cleaned and dried and put in a warm storage and the inflatable pool can be deflated and dried and stored until the next year. None of the draining and ensuring that every pipe is kept clear of water that occurs with the large fixed units is required. With portable inflatable hot tubs being made from a type of leatheroid material there is always a chance that some damage could be done by a sharp object but these can be mended and careful handling should avoid any problems and re-inflating causes no real problems. Luxury Hot Tub Party At Blue Cube Pools we love the Fantasy Spas. They are lightweight and portable, yet offer the luxury of a hard shell hot tub. They only require a 13 amp socket and are very economical to run, and heat up in 8 to 12 hours. This is why we pick the Fantasy Spas as our hot tubs to hire. To find out more about hiring a hot tub click here.

Trouble with your portable hot tub?

Is your portable hot tub not working at its best? Is there a funny noise when the jets come on? Are you experiencing a hot tub leak? Book our fault finding service to get to the bottom of your hot tub problems and get your hot tub working properly again. To find out more about our hot tub services click here.    

Recondition your Hot Tub

Reconditioning your hot tub can give it a whole new lease of life. However, if you are looking to upgrade Blue Cube Pools can remove your old hot tub as part of the purchase and installation package. We have a small selection of reconditioned hot tubs for sale at our shop site. If You are looking for a reconditioned Hot Tub give us a call to find out what we have available.

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