How much does it cost to Hire a Hot Tub

Hot Tub Hire does not have to cost a fortune, but prices will depend on the quality of the product and the types of hot tub hired. We offer Solid Hot Tubs with real Hydrotherapy. Our hot tubs are deeply relaxing, with waterfalls, outstanding lighting and ergonomic seating for maximum comfort.

How much does it cost to hire a hot tub The average hire cost of a hot tub is around £250 for four days depending on the type of hot tub. Many companies offer inflatable versions which are great if you have limited access. However these hot tubs do not offer the benefits of a hard sided hot tub  and often come with a variety of issues such as, they take longer to heat, cost more to run because they are not as thermally efficient, not as deep, not as spacious and are not as comfortable.  Call us today to discuss your hot tub hire requirements.
Hard hot tub Hard or solid hot tubs are designed very differently to inflatable hot tubs therefore they have the capacity to contain larger more powerful pumps to provide outstanding hydrotherapy with real massage jets. They often contain LED lights, adjustable settings and water features such as fountains to increase your enjoyment. With this in mind the cost to hire a luxury hot tub varies from inflatable tubs but overall you get far more for your money with increased functionality and indulgence.

How much does it cost to hire the Fantasy Spa?

  • Midweek hire – Monday to Thursday £189
  • Weekend hire – Thursday to Monday £201
  • 1 Week Hire – starting on either a Monday or a Thursday £249
  • 2 Week Hire – starting on either a Monday or a Thursday £331
  • 4 Week Hire – starting on either a Monday or a Thursday £397

A refundable deposit of £300.00 is payable before the delivery of the hot tub.