Hot Tub Hire Do’s and Dont’s

If you are new to Hot Tubs then we recommend you familiarise yourself with our Do’s and Dont’s of Hot Tub use. Here are some tips on Hot Tub Safety.

Hot Tub Safety Tips

When using chemicals, read the label carefully and follow the directions precisely. Although chemicals protect you and your Hot Tub when used correctly, they may be hazardous in concentrated form. Please observe all the safety and handling instructions.


  • Pay attention to the information on any documents or warnings provided with your Spa.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully, if in doubt seek advice from your dealer.
  • Ensure that all Spa bathers know how to use the Spa safely.
  • Read and follow all chemical instructions.
  • Add chemicals to the water not the other way round and add separately. Mixing chemicals is extremely hazardous.
  • Keep chemical containers closed when not in use and always replace caps.
  • Wash hands immediately after handling or preparing chemicals.
  • Ensure a responsible person handles the Spa chemicals and keep out of children’s reach.
  • Supervise all children using the Spa.


  • Do not – Handle chemicals, inhale fumes or allow chemicals to contact the eyes, nose or mouth. In case of contact or in the event of swallowing, follow the emergency advice on the product label, and seek immediate medical advice.
  • Do not – Use vacuum cleaners for chemical spills.
  • Do not – Smoke whilst handling chemicals. Some fumes can be highly flammable.
  • Do not – Allow chemicals to spill onto surrounding surfaces. Clean up any spillages and dispose of in a safe manner.
  • Do not allow pets into the Spa.


  • As with any new piece of equipment, your spa or hot tub should be properly supervised for safe use. Pregnant women, persons with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or any serious illness, and indeed persons with any doubt, should not enter the spa or hot tub without prior consultation with their doctor.
  • There is a distinction between warm water and hot – maximum safe temperature is 104°F (40°C). Fifteen minutes per soak is the recommended time at 104°F (40°C).
  • Never use a spa or hot tub if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.