Hydrotherapy Pools are becoming increasingly popular, they can provide an excellent space for relaxing, water therapy and exercising. Blue Cube Pools have been building Hydrotherapy pools for many years, we can design and build the perfect space for your needs.


What are the main considerations when building a hydrotherapy pool?

It is all in the details, for example how will the user benefit from the pool now and how does it need to adapt to any future changes if symptoms change. We want to ensure the pool is future proof to avoid any costly changes. Whilst a hydrotherapy pool can be used to treat pain, improve muscle strength etc there are other aspects to consider such as sensory, lighting, sounds, textures, heating and strength of jets.


Hydrotherapy Pool installation company Bedfordshire Residential hydrotherapy pools are a wonderful way to maintain regular treatments and benefit a wide variety of illnesses. Blue Cube Pools will discuss thoroughly your needs and requirements, ensuring every suitable and important feature is considered. We have been building and maintaining hydrotherapy pools for over 15 years both in the residential and commercial arena.  Each hydrotherapy pool is as unique as each user, it will be designed with the needs of the user, family and carer in mind.
Hydrotherapy pool installation company Northamptonshire Our team of designers and installers have detailed knowledge of hydrotherapy pool equipment which allows us to create a truly bespoke and custom experience for the user.We can include special features such as jets which can be used for massage, massage has been proven to be very beneficial for many ailments including muscle weakness and arthritis. Counter current units are a great way to add the illusion of space to your pool if space is an issue.

Creating a hydrotherapy area is a great way to regularly exercise or do physiotherapy. There are a variety of conditions that benefit greatly from different types of hydrotherapy. Recent studies have shown the positive impact it has had on children with Autism. The value you create not just for your home but for yourself or loved one is priceless. Hydrotherapy pools are usually built inside so that it can be used all year round. We will fit a specially design heating an ventilation system to keep the temperature at its required level. Blue Cube Pools is a member of SPATA and are highly vetted. For information on grants and VAT reimbursement please contact your local council.

Commercial Hydrotherapy Pool installation company Bedfordshire

Hydrotherapy Pools construction Bedfordshire

Planning a hydrotherapy pool:

Our team will also look at other factors during the planning stage such as: Access to the pool, Ramps, Hoists, Shower, Toilets, Hoists and Maintenance.




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