Garden Swimming Pool Options

By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 in News.
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Garden Swimming Pool Options

People invest in a garden swimming pool for many different reasons, below we discuss different types of garden pools and why people choose them.

Important questions to ask yourself?

  • What is the pool going to be used for? Exercise, fun, relaxing, socialising
  • Who will be using the pool and who will be around it? Children, adults with limited mobility, animals
  • Where is the pool going?
  • Will it be used all year round?
  • What is your budget?
  • What style would suit you?
  • Are you looking for a DIY option?

We will take a closer look at these questions and discuss the type of garden pools which best suits you according to your answers to the above.

  • What is the pool going to be used for?


If you are going to be predominantly exercising you may think you need a large long pool for lengths, however, there are various counter current and swimjets on the market which allow you to swim continuously against a water jet without needing to turn. These swimjets are great for those who do not have space for a large pool or do not want a large pool. They are available on wooden DIY pools and custom block-built pools. These pools are also great for children as they will spend hours splashing around

Another option would be a swimspa which offers a swim jet as well as massage stations for a truly luxurious experience.

Catalina Swimspa supplierFun:

Are you thinking about a fun pool for your children or grandchildren? You may want to consider a simple metal framed pool which can be heated but they cost a fraction of the price. They come in two main build structures, either metal poles with a liner or a full metal pool. Prices start at around £250 and go up to around £5k. They can be used to swim in, and it is possible to exercise but you would have a short


If relaxing and gentle exercise are your main needs then a swimspa would be the best option, with a twin swimspa one end is designed for exercise whilst the other end is a hot tub. These are also great for children and those with hydrotherapy needs. They can be sunk into the ground so that access is made easier.

Socialising: All the pools mentioned above are great for socialising but a custom pool with loungers and spa pads would be the perfect addition to any summer party. A swimspa is another great place to socialise especially when children are involved, imagine sitting in the hot tub end, away from splashing whilst the children enjoy swimming.

  • Who will be using the pool and who will be around it?

Children and animals need protecting around swimming pools which is why we suggest investing in a safety pool cover. These covers are designed to prevent accidents, they are strong enough to be walked on.

If mobility is an issue then there are various options including gentle gradient steps into a custom-built pool, slopes, and hoists.

  • Where is the pool going?

It is important to consider what you already have in your garden and where your pool is going? If it is a wooden pool then your main concern will be ground levels which can easily be rectified and also whether there are lots of plants and trees nearby which may drop their leaves etc; this is not a massive problem but you may find you have to net your pool more regularly.

This is also something to consider when building a custom pool, also think about tree roots. Your main concerns with a custom garden pool will be electrical supply and position of pool equipment e.g. pool pump. Anything is possible if you seek advice and involve a professional. To find a vetted pool builder click here to visit the SPATA site.

  • Will it be used all year round?

Most garden pools are used between April and October (when using an extended season heat pump) except for those with enclosures, if you would like to use your pool all year round then it is advisable to opt for some sort of enclosure. Those with small metal pole liner pools sometimes choose to put it away at the end of each season, this isn’t essential and remember you will need to fill it up again the following year.

Telescopic pool enclosure

  • What is your budget?

Your budget will obviously dictate to a certain degree, for around £5k you can get a metal framed pool or a small wooden pool, these are both permanent structures and will be a great addition for those with families who want to create a place to spend quality time together.

For large wooden pools and wooden pools with counter-currents, you would be looking at a budget of around £10k.

Custom built pools are a little difficult to estimate as the price will depend on a variety of different elements including size, shape, finish, heating option, covers, etc. For example one of our award-winning pools was £37k, it was a 3x6m garden swimming pool with liner, corner steps, safety cover, heat pump, and filtration system. A 10x5m will cost around £60k.

  • What style would suit you?

We all have our own unique style, and this is often represented in our house and garden, your pool should also be a reflection of your taste. Whether you’re into minimalism, traditional country and everything in between, your pool designer should understand your taste and create a garden pool that compliments your garden. Visit our portfolio for some design inspiration.

minimalist pool

  • Are you looking for a DIY option?

DIY garden pools are a great option for those who have the skills and want to maximise their budget. There a variety of DIY pools on the market ranging from wooden pools to block built pools. SolidPools even offer a DIY tiled pool option. With a DIY pool, you can do the build bit by bit and take your time, this can help with budgets. There are retrofit counter current units available for DIY pools, however, our exercise pools come pre-cut for built-in counter current units.

DIY wooden pool