Easy pool maintenance tips

By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018 in Troubleshooting - Pools.
Easy pool maintenance tips

Love your pool but want to spend less time looking after it?

Here are some easy pool maintenance tips for quick and effortless ways to keep it safe and clean.

Our head engineer who has over 15 years’ experience suggests these simple tips:

Net more and vac less, netting out debris will keep your pool water cleaner for longer, catching those bugs and other debris before they start to feed your algae. Get your kids involved and make it a regular game, see who can catch the most bugs or leaves.

Secondly brush the floor walls and vacuum, to keep your pool wonderfully clean we suggest regular brushing, this helps to remove calcium deposits and prevent any algae from growing.  If viable invest in a pool hoover to keep the bottom of your pool clean from debris. If its done regularly it won’t require you to spend a long time scrubbing.

Clean out your baskets, the cleaner your baskets the cleaner your water will be. And the less algae and scum you will have building up in your pool.

Maintain correct chemical levels, regular water testing will make sure your pool water is correct. Right levels of sanitiser, ph, etc all very important to keep your bathers safe and your pool system working well. Summer Pool Service

Clean your filters every 4-6 months depending on how much you use your pool.

Keep an eye on your water levels, it should be at the centre of your pool skimmer, if it is too low it can lead to your pump running dry which could seriously damage it or if it is too high your skimmer may not work properly.

If you have a tiled pool wipe the water line weekly to prevent any build up.

You may read that adding a tennis ball will help absorb oils etc, however tennis balls are not that absorbent. We would recommend a very hard sponge that floats or a specifically designed one such as the life spa disc.

If you follow these simple tips your pool will remain safe and clean, leaving you with more time to enjoy your pool with no nasty surprises.

Download our Swimming Pool Trouble shooting guide for an easy to use quick glance solution. Pool Troubleshooting