Clarifiers – Stop your pool going cloudy

By Blue Cube on Thursday, 27th Apr 2017 in Troubleshooting - Pools, Water Quality.
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Cloudy pool water care guide. Simple steps for crystal clear pool water, spend less time on maintenance and more time living the life you want.

Why does Pool water become cloudy?

Pool water can become cloudy for a number of reasons:

  • Incorrect water balance
  • Poor or insufficient filtration
  • The start or end of an algae infestation
  • A build-up of bather wastes

Using a clarifier can quickly restore water sparkle. However, before using them you should check the following:

  • The water is correctly balanced.
  • The filtration is running for a minimum of 8-hours per day (24-hours for best results).
  • Does the filter need backwashing, or the filter media a chemical clean?
  • The sanitiser level is maintained within the ideal range.

Once you are satisfied that none of the above are causing the cloudiness, a Clarifier will help you achieve crystal clear water.

Blue Cube Pools stock the range of Blue Horizon products to help you pick the right clarifier for your pool or hot tub.


Ultimate Water Clarifier Ultimate Water Clarifier is a highly effective dual action pool water polisher, that collects small particles together for faster removal by the filter.





Aquasparkle tabletsBlue Horizons Aqua Sparkle Tablets are designed to assist the filter in removing small suspended particles to ensure sparkling clear water.




Flockfix CartridgesBlue Horizons Flockfix Cartridges are slow release flocculant cartridge socks that are designed to assist the filter in removing small suspended particles to ensure sparkling clear water.



Granular ShockBlue Horizons Granular Floc sinks unwanted debris to the pool floor creating clear sparkling water.




Rapid liquid FlocBlue Horizons Rapid Liquid Floc is a fast acting liquid flocculant that settles unwanted debris to the bottom of the pool.




Jelly Clear CubesBlue Horizons JellyCLEAR Cubes are clarifying gel blocks that improve filter efficiency and water clarity.





 Clearfast Aqua SachetClearfast Aqua Sachet. A convenient easy-to-use sachet that provides rapid clarification of your swimming pool water